Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Miracle Phytoceramides

For a number of years, people have been concerned with fighting the major visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, dry skin, crow’s feet and furrow lines. Whilst these are all natural signs that a person is getting older, not everyone wants to have their age on display like a badge. If you still feel young, why should you have to look old? This is just one of the reasons why people want to fight the signs of aging. The battle has taken on many different forms in the past few years, from cucumbers or cooling pads over the eyes, to injections of botox, right through to cosmetic surgery to smooth out the skin. But there is now a new product anti-aging product on the scene which is taking the anti-aging industry by storm: Miracle Phytoceramides supplement capsules.

Miracle Phytoceramides help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote collagen production, add skin firmness, and replenish vitamins and antioxidants.

Miracle Phytoceramides are natural, plant-based substances which are chemically similar to ceramide – one of the main components of the upper epidermis layer of human skin. Whereas ceramide-based products are usually extracted from animal sources, is possible to extract phytoceramides from a variety of different plant sources, including wheat, rice and sweet potatoes. Although phytoceramides have been used in Japan for hundreds of years, they have only recently been picked up by skincare and beauty experts in the West. Since they arrived in the USA, celebrities and skincare experts have been championing them as a miracle skincare solution. Having recently secured FDA approval, phytoceremide products are now available in the form of tablets or capsules which should be taken daily to promote healthier skin.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Miracle Phytoceramides

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What Do Miracle Phytoceramides Actually Do?

The idea behind taking Miracle Phytoceramides is that they can help to maintain and encourage healthier, younger-looking skin. Because they contain lipids which are similar to the ones which are found in our own skin, they are able to mimic the actions of these lipids in order to plump out the skin and reduce the visible appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles which tend to appear as we age. Miracle Phytoceramides are also believed to stimulate the production of natural collagen in our bodies, which helps to improve the elasticity of the skin, meaning that it is not damaged as easily and looks much younger and suppler. The natural chemicals in these supplements also help to keep the skin looking hydrated and better able to retain moisture, which is one of the best ways to prevent the formation of new wrinkles. Not only will this help to make the skin look better, but it can also make it feel much softer as well. Lastly, Miracle Phytoceramides also help to strengthen the protective barrier on the top layer of skin, which helps to protect the body against some types of infections and inflammations. This helps to alleviate some of the most common skin problems such as dry skin, sun damage and patches. Taking these supplements daily helps to introduce Miracle Phytoceramides into the body, which the body can then use to top up depleting natural ceramide levels.
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Try Miracle Phytoceramides Today

Phytoceramides Scientific Testing

Miracle Phytoceramides have recently found fame and a celebrity-following after they were championed by Dr. Oz on his TV show. Dr. Oz and some of the other skincare experts on the show were seen to tell viewers that Miracle Phytoceramides offer users a natural alternative to a facelift, and that they are a great way for regular people to “fake a facelift” without having to go under the knife. In addition to the expertise of Dr. Oz, there are plenty of other studies which suggest that there are real, scientific benefits to regularly using phytoceramide supplements. A study of 51 women, which was carried out by a team from France, discovered that those who were treated with Miracle Phytoceramides showed a significant increase in levels of skin hydration after using these products for 3 months. This meant that their skin looked and felt less dry than it had done before they began the course of phytoceramide treatment.

An alternative study by a team of scientists from Korea suggested that Miracle Phytoceramides could ­also be linked to improvements in brain function, with the potential for Miracle Phytoceramides to be linked to new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease or other age-related brain diseases. Finally, a study by a team of pharmaceutical scientists from Japan has linked certain phytoceramides to immunity from viral infections, claiming that these phytoceramides can help to improve natural immunity in many cases. These studies suggest that as well as being great for your skin, Miracle Phytoceramides may also have other health benefits for the human body and brain as well!

It should be noted that during these studies it was noted that people who are gluten intolerant or wheat intolerant may be affected by wheat-based phytoceramides in the same way that they would be affected if they consumed any other wheat-based product. However, gluten or wheat intolerant beauty fans should be able to use sweet potato or rice derived phytoceramides without experiencing any ill effects. If in doubt, check the supplement before you begin to take them, to ensure that they are gluten free.
Dr oz and Miracle Phytoceramides

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How Phytoceramides Work

Human skin naturally contains ceramides, but the natural levels of ceramides in the skin can begin to drop as people age. Other causes of ceramide depletion can include being exposed to too much UVA/UVB from the sun and exposure to everyday pollutants such as traffic gases. When ceramide levels drop, the skin’s protective barrier breaks down and the skin begins to lose its hydration and elasticity.

Taking phytoceramide supplements can help your body to begin to restore the depleted ceramide levels, in order to help your skin to defend itself against the harsh realities of everyday life. By taking the tablets orally, the phytoceramides are able to enter your bloodstream more easily, from which point they can then be transported to the skin cell membranes where they are needed the most. Restoring ceramide levels in your cells will help to re-hydrate your skin and “plump it up”. As it is able to retain moisture better when ceramide levels are higher, your skin is less likely to sag as it ages. Just by increasing the levels of ceramides in your skin cells, you can lessen the appearance of wrinkles, get rid of itchy, dry and red patches, and return your skin to an overall more youthful appearance.

By taking a tablet, rather than using a cream, the internal improvements penetrate outwards from the body, rather than just masking the damage from above. Some anti-aging products mask the problems from the outside by appearing to solve the issue on the top layer of skin; however these do not usually treat the root cause of the problem. The supplements simply put something back into the body which has decreased due to the aging process. Phytoceramide supplements aim to provide a solution to the appearance of age-related skin problems, by treating the cause of the problem rather than just covering it up!
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How to Use Phytoceramides

Once you have made the decision to try improving your skin with phytoceramides, it is important that you make sure that you start to take them in the correct way. Once you have bought some phytoceramide capsules from a reputable source (usually available in a 30-day supply), make sure that you spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the instruction leaflet, making sure that you check for any specific exceptions or rules which may apply in your case. Most brands required that you take one of these capsules, once per day with or without food, unless you have been instructed to do otherwise. Do not take more than the recommended dose. Most phytoceramides are available in 350mg capsule sizes, meaning that they are easy for more people to take.

Do not be concerned if you do not see any results immediately when using phytoceramides. Most users say that they begin to see the results after taking the supplements for about 4 weeks. If you want to, you can continue to use alternative skin products to complement the work of the phytoceramides. Some people choose to keep using alternative products whilst they are waiting to see the effects of the tablets, but they are happy to stop using these once they have seen the fantastic results that the capsules produce. For even better anti-aging results, try taking vitamin C tablets with your phytoceramide supplements and following other medical advice to promote healthy looking skin.
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Try Miracle Phytoceramides Today

Are Phytoceramides Safe?

Phytoceramides have already been in use in Japan and East Asia for years. These supplements have been tested and retested by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and they have continued to pass the Ministry tests to show that they are safe for use. In many respects, the Japanese Ministry is much stricter than the equivalent agencies in the United States. Having done their own analysis and testing of these products before they entered the American market, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared that they are perfectly safe for use as long as they are used as advised.

When taking any kind of dietary supplement or oral medication, it is important that you always read the label carefully and follow the instructions fully. During FDA testing specifically about Miracle Phytoceramides, no known side-effects were discovered about phytoceramides, and there are no known interactions with any prescription medicine which is currently available for use in the United States. However, if you do notice any unusual side-effects after you have started taking phytoceramide tablets, then you should get in contact with your doctor immediately. If you have a known wheat or gluten intolerance, always check that you have a wheat-free product before you begin to take it, or you may experience unpleasant side effects which are associated with your existing wheat or gluten intolerance.
Try Miracle Phytoceramides Today

Try Miracle Phytoceramides Today

What to Look for When Buying Phytoceramides?

Due to the “Dr Oz effect”, the phytoceramides marketplace is currently booming, but unfortunately that also means that means that some unofficial phytoceramide products are trying to catch the eye of the buyer. Here is a checklist of what you should be looking for when you buy phytoceramides capsules:

  • Always try to purchase Miracleh Phytoceramide supplements which have been made in an FDA approved laboratory in the USA
  • Choose capsules which are 350mg sized because this is the recommended daily effective dose
  • Look for respected sellers who have positive reviews or award winning products – if you are buying things off of Amazon, always check that it is an “Amazon Verified Purchase” rather than assuming that the products must be legitimate because they are going through Amazon
  • Steer clear of products which offer you a “one month free trial” unless you can see positive reviews. These offers are rarely as good as they seem. You may get inadvertently locked into a longer purchase agreement than you want, which you could find it difficult to escape from, even if you are not fully satisfied with the product you are receiving from the seller
  • If you have a wheat or gluten intolerance, choose Miracle Phytoceramides which say “Derived from Rice” or “Derived from Sweet Potato” on the packaging. Many of these supplements will advertise the fact that they are suitable for people with a gluten intolerance with slogans such as “100% gluten free phytoceramide”
  • Choose products which specifically state “plant-derived phytoceramides”. If you are looking for completely natural versions without chemical fillers or artificial ingredients, look for products which are labeled as organic or pure

Try Miracle Phytoceramides Today

Try Miracle Phytoceramides Today

Why Choose Phytoceramides Over Other Anti-Aging Products?

There are already a lot of different beauty products on the market which claim to contain ceramides, rather than Miracle Phytoceramides. Although these products may be just as effective as phytoceramides, ceramides are usually derived from animal sources. This means that they will not be suitable for vegetarians, vegans or those who oppose the use of animal products in the cosmetics industry. Because phytoceramides usually come from plant-based sources such as sweet potato, rice or wheat, they provide an effective alternative which is likely to be suitable for vegetarians and vegans. If you are looking for a skin-care product which is free-from animal products, then it is always best to read the label or double check with the manufacturer before you begin taking any supplement.

As these products come in tablet or capsule form, they actually begin to work from the inside out. Unlike cream based products which may only be able to work on the top one or two layers of skin, these products are actually able to have positive effects on all four dermal layers of skin, meaning that they are even more effective. Being able to take skincare products in tablet form also means that users may be able to benefit from all of the other positive effects which have been connected to phytoceramides.

Compared to creams, scrubs, massages and body rubs, taking Miracle Phytoceramides capsules is also a walk in the park. Daily beauty routines which are made up of intensive scrubbing and buffing can actually take up a large part of your day, meaning that you have much less free time available to go out and show off your fantastic looking skin. As part of a modern and busy daily routine, many people find it much easier to simply take a capsule as per the instruction, rather than having to get up extra early so that they have time to complete their daily skincare routine.
Try Miracle Phytoceramides Today

Try Miracle Phytoceramides Today

Eating Healthy Foods to Support Your Phytoceramide Supplements

Because Miracle Phytoceramides count as a dietary supplement and the change that they create is coming from the inside, it is important that you also maintain a healthy diet which is designed to promote healthy skin. If you do not stick to a skin healthy diet, then you may find that the things that you are eating are actually working against the Miracle Phtyoceramide supplements which you are taking. Foods which are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B are great for the skin, so make sure that you eat lots of fruits such as berries, oranges, papaya and kiwi. Broccoli, spinach and kale are also fantastic vegetables and greens to consume if you want to do your skin a favor. It is also important that you drink enough water during the course of the day – there is no point taking supplements to help your skin to retain moisture if you are not taking in enough moisture to be able to retain any! Try to drink at least 2 liters every day. Whilst taking in the right things can help to support your skin, doing the wrong thing can undermine the work of the phytoceramides. For example, smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or caffeine, and taking recreational drugs can all have an adverse effect on the health of our skin. To see the best results from your phytoceramides capsules, it is advisable that you minimize your consumption of things like these.
Eating Healthy Foods and using Miracle Phytoceramides

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What People Are Saying About Phytoceramides

It only takes a minute of searching the internet to be able to see the hundreds of glowing reviews about phytoceramides that the general public are already beginning to leave in response to these types of skincare products. In reviews from alternative shopping sites and beauty websites around the internet, the average score from the general public is frequently coming out as over 4 stars out of 5. This suggests that whilst some people haven’t seen the results they were hoping for with phytoceramides supplements, the vast majority of public users have been thrilled with their purchase and the results that they have managed to achieve with them. Whilst some fake reviews do seem to exist for fake versions of these products, it is easy to see that most of the reviews come from genuinely satisfied customers.

Here is just a small sample of the positive things which people have been saying about plant-based phytoceramides:

“Thanks to Miracle Phytoceramides my dry skin has cleared up on its own, even without a daily application of body lotion”

“I love these capsules, if you suffer from dry skin they are excellent”

“Wow, people have been asking what products I’ve been using on my skin. My mum said my skin was plumper & what had I had done”

“They definitely make a difference to the dry skin on my legs (and elsewhere) and as I am always being told that I look younger than I am”

“My eye area is a lot smoother and the tone seems to have improved. I would say my skin is plumper since taking this supplement”

“The skin around my eyes really became much better, at it normaly is very dry. Impressive!”

For those people who had existing problems with moisture retention in their skin, phytoceramides appear to have had really positive results.
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Quick Guide: Why You Should Start to Use Phytoceramides Supplements

  • Miracle Phytoceramides are a natural substance
  • They are derived from plant-based sources, rather than animal-based sources
  • Scientific studies have shown positive correlation between phytoceramide use and improved skin hydration
  • Alternative studies also suggest phytoceramide supplements may help to prevent or slow down brain degeneration and they could improve the body’s immune system to help users to fight off viruses
  • Targets skin problems from the inside out, rather than simply covering up the problem
  • Less expensive than purchasing products for a full routine of daily skin care creams and oils
  • Much less time consuming than a full skin care routine because you only need to take 1 350mg capsule, once per day
  • Miracle Phytoceramides have been authorized for use in Japan and East Asia for many years, where thousands of people use these supplements every day
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved in United States of America
  • No known unpleasant side effects
  • No known interactions with existing prescription medication
  • Miracle Phytoceramides act as a dietary supplement
  • Wheat-free/Gluten-free alternatives available for those who suffer from intolerances
  • Dr Oz’s has championed these supplements as a great way to “fake a facelift” and help to restore a youthful look to the skin.

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